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8:30am Every day
1:30pm Weekdays
6:30pm Every day
9:30pm Every day
3:00pm/am Weekends
Midnight Every day
Daily Reflections 7am Wednesday
Beginners Monday 9:30pm
(all times in Eastern Time: GMT-5)

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Meeting Protocol

Our Meetings use a variation what is called Standard Online Protocol to simulate the various mutations of Robert's Rules of Order used at Face To Face Meetings.

Type ! if you wish to share--this is equivalent to raising your hand at a meeting. We ask members not to raise their hand until the meeting leader had finished their opening share. That way no one will be missed.
Type ? if you have a question--if will be answered with an Instant Message or a Whisper.
Type ga when you're finished sharing. "GA" means Go Ahead.
Please wait until you're called on--ga UserName--by the meeting leader before sharing.

Meetings run very smoothly when we follow this simple--once we understand it--protocol.

12 Step Committee

Twelve Step Committee

Need help right now with a drinking problem? Assistance is available 24 hours a day in many languages. Send a message.

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